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Released: 2002
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
A Little Holiday Decorating20022003Williraye10
America the Beautiful20022005Williraye00
Angel Candle Holders20022004Williraye50
As American As Apple Pie20022005Williraye11
Bugle Boy20022003Williraye00
Ceramic Americana Piggy Bank20022004Williraye20
Ceramic Uncle Sam Cookie Jar20022003Williraye00
Christmas Star20022005Williraye30
Dreaming of Christmas20022004Williraye00
Dreams Do Come True20022005Williraye10
Drumming Up Support20022005Williraye01
Extra Special Delivery20022004Williraye10
Flag Day20022004Williraye13
Flying Angel Wall Hanging20022003Williraye00
Flying Santa Wall Hanging20022003Williraye10
Garden Finial - Angel w/Bird20022004Williraye40
Garden Finial - Angel w/Heart20022004Williraye20
Garden Finial - Angel w/Sunflowers20022004Williraye20
Garden Finial - Bunny20022003Williraye11
Garden Finial - Ladybug20022003Williraye51
Garden Sculpture - Angel20022003Williraye00
Garden Sculpture - Bee20022003Williraye00
Garden Sculpture - Fairy20022003Williraye00
Girl on Goose w/Basket Finial20022003Williraye70
Goating Around20022003Williraye23
Halloween Magic20022004Williraye00
Hold On Tight20022004Williraye10
Holiday Heart20022005Williraye00
Holiday Joy20022005Williraye00
Holiday Light20022004Williraye00
Jack O'Lantern Tart Burner20022005Williraye10
Lady Liberty20022003Williraye00
Ladybug, Ladybug Fly Away20022005Williraye20
Large Snowman Ornaments20022007Williraye10
Let It Snow20022003Williraye20
Libby Liberty20022002Williraye14
Midnight Flight20022004Williraye20
Moonlight Adventures20022005Williraye10
Nativity - 8 Piece Set20022007Williraye11
Our First Skate20022004Williraye00
Patriotic Pride20022019Williraye00
Poured Candle Boxes20022003Williraye50
Poured Candle Crocks20022003Williraye21
Poured Candle Jars20022003Williraye40
Precious Treasures20022003Williraye30
Quirky Queen Bee20022004Williraye02
Ready for the Big Day20022007Williraye12
Rectangular Holiday Ornamments20022004Williraye10
Santa Candle Holder 200220022004Williraye00
Santa Cookie Jar20022003Williraye20
Santa Light20022007Williraye10
Scaring Up Fun20022004Williraye10
Small Snowman Ornaments20022003Williraye00
Snow Triplets20022005Williraye31
Snowfolks - Chester20022005Williraye00
Snowfolks - Junior20022004Williraye00
Snowfolks - Margaret20022005Williraye00
Snowman Candle Holder 200220022002Williraye40
Snowman Cookie Jar20022003Williraye20
Snowman Light20022003Williraye10
Snowman Pins20022004Williraye00
Southern Flight20022006Williraye00
Spun Ornaments20022004Williraye10
Square Holiday Ornaments20022005Williraye10
Star Spangled Derby20022007Williraye01
Three Kings20022006Williraye22
Uncle Sam 200220022003Williraye00
When The Cow Comes Home20022003Williraye21
Winter's Wizard20022005Williraye10
Yankee Doodle Dandy20022005Williraye00

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