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Released: 1999
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
4th of July Boy Holding Flag19992001Williraye01
4th of July Girl Holding Flag19992001Williraye00
Angel Lamp19992001Williraye30
Blue Chair with Checkered Seat19992001Williraye01
Boy Holding Bat And Ball19992001Williraye40
Bunny And Cat Frame, 2" X 3"19992001Williraye00
Cabinet With Cat In Basket19992000Williraye01
Carrot Backed Chair19992001Williraye01
Children On The Move19992001Williraye53
Christmas Candlestick Holders19992000Williraye00
Christmas Ornaments19992001Williraye20
Christmas Peace19992003Williraye71
Chucky The Chicken19992002Williraye00
Corn Backed Chair19992001Williraye00
Cow Jumped Over The Moon19992003Williraye50
Doll Hutch19992001Williraye00
Egg Backed Chair19992001Williraye11
Fish Backed Chair19992001Williraye01
Flying Proud19992003Williraye00
Flying Snowman on Goose19992000Williraye31
Folding Screen With Garden Girls Scene19992000Williraye00
Fowl Weather Flight19992001Williraye40
Friends Discovered19992001Williraye10
Fruit And Vegetable Ornaments19992001Williraye00
Garden Girl Frame, 4" X 6" Photo19992000Williraye00
Garden Girl Frame, 6" X 4" Photo19992000Williraye00
Girl Driving Car With Dog19992001Williraye02
Girl Flying Airplane19992001Williraye21
Girl Holding Williraye Studio Sign19992001Williraye01
Girl in Car with Kite19992001Williraye21
Girl In Raincoat Walking Cat19992000Williraye02
Girl Riding Chicken Pulling Cart19992001Williraye30
Girl With Birdhouse holding Bird19992001Williraye00
Girl With Cat19992001Williraye31
Girl With Cat Holding Flag & Picnic Basket19992001Williraye11
Girl With Cat Pulling Cart19992001Williraye22
Girl With Sheep on Wagon19992000Williraye00
Gooser House19992003Williraye10
Grandfather Clock19992000Williraye00
Gril & Cats in pumpkin holding telescope19992002Williraye10
Keepsake Clock With Two Drawers And Garden Girl Scene19992000Williraye00
Kids & Dog building a Snowman19992001Williraye20
Kitty Delivery19992004Williraye11
Man With Fishing Pole19992001Williraye10
Mittens With Hanger And Star Ornaments19992001Williraye00
Moory Christmas!19992001Williraye10
Mother With Basket And Daughter With Teddy Bear19992002Williraye20
Santa Candle Holder19992001Williraye50
Santa Holding Candy Cane With Dog19992000Williraye20
Santa Hugging Star19992001Williraye60
Santa Lamp19992001Williraye00
Santa On Sled Pulled By Cow And Geese19992001Williraye20
Santa Pulling Dog On Cart19992000Williraye00
Santa riding deer19992000Williraye00
Santa With Carrot Riding Giant Rabbit19992000Williraye01
Skating Party19992001Williraye61
Snowgirl With Wire Arms19992001Williraye30
Snowman Lamp19992000Williraye01
Snowman Serenade19992000Williraye30
Snowman With Wire Arms19992001Williraye01
Snowmen In Action19992001Williraye02
Square Baskets19992003Williraye41
Star Backed Chair19992001Williraye00
Starlight Christmas19992003Williraye10
Starlight Flight19992001Williraye00
Stocking Ornaments 199919992002Williraye00
Summer Fun19992004Williraye41
Sunflower Girl w/Watering Can19992003Williraye00
The Millennium Angel19991999Williraye00
Three Drawer Keepsake With Cat19992000Williraye00
Uncle Sam19992000Williraye07
Watch Cat House19992003Williraye30
Whimsy Chip N Dip19992001Williraye00
Winter Friends With Little Snowmen19992001Williraye90
Winter Frolic19992002Williraye30
Wood Serving Tray With Garden Girls Scene19992000Williraye00

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