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ItemYear Released Year Retired Part Number Right Now on eBay
Garden Gal19961998WW100111
Eggs-traordinary Day at the Fair19961997WW100220
Best Looking Pair at the Fair19961997WW100300
Women In Coat With Three Geese19961997WW100410
Flying Gardening Angel With Watering Can19971997WW100500
Fruit And Vegetable Ornaments19992001WW102100
Man With Fishing Pole19992001WW103510
Girl With Cat19992001WW103630
Girl Holding Williraye Studio Sign19992001WW103710
Mother With Basket And Daughter With Teddy Bear19992002WW103820
Cousin Boy With Sailboat19971998WW105121
Cousin Girl With Goose19971998WW105210
Cousin Girl With Basket And Bunny19971999WW105330
Cousin Boy With Fishing Rod And Fish19971999WW105411
Cousin Girl With Cat In Watering Can19971998WW105500
Girl With Wreath19971999WW105710
Owl-A-Ween Party20122014WW106211
Kitty Kat Club20122014WW106310
Tree-Mendous Fun20122013WW106400
Yuletide Slide20122014WW106500
Presenting Santa20122013WW106600
Snow Daze20122013WW106700
Midnight Clear20122013WW106800
Miss Sternberg19982001WW110120
Patty The Pet19972001WW110210
Clark The Clown19981999WW110330
Donnie The Dunce19981999WW110420
Betsy Bookworm19982001WW110520
Motorcycle Ride19982000WW110650
Teeter Totter19982000WW110710
Girl And Cat On Swinging Gate19982001WW110850
A Little Help From A Friend19961998WW120100
Hope Takes Flight19961998WW120420
Angel With Basket And Watering Can19971997WW120501
Angel With Basket Holding Flag19971998WW120611
Angel Holding Basket19971998WW120720
4th of July Girl Holding Flag19992001WW130101
Girl Holding Flags19982001WW130210
Boy Holding Bat And Ball19992001WW130321
4th of July Boy Holding Flag19992001WW130400
Girl With Cat Holding Flag & Picnic Basket19992001WW130510
Uncle Sam19992000WW130606
Flying Proud19992003WW130700
Miss Liberty20002002WW130811
Ahoy Matey20002002WW130900
Proud To Be An American20002003WW131000
The Stare Down20012003WW131111
Ride 'Em Cowgirls20012003WW131223
Best Buddies20012003WW131330
Blue Moon Express20012003WW131401
Willirayes Watermelon Farm20012003WW131603
Playing It Cool20012003WW131700
Everyone Needs A Home20012003WW131922
Knittin' Kitten20012003WW132031
Girl With Flag Riding On Cat Lamp20012002WW132111
Uncle Sam Birdhouse20012003WW132200
Country Pride20012003WW132300
Birdhouse With Cow Jumping Over Moon20012001WW132400
As American As Apple Pie20022005WW132511
Yankee Doodle Dandy20022005WW132600
Drumming Up Support20022005WW132701
Ceramic Americana Piggy Bank20022004WW132820
Flag Day20022004WW132913
Star Spangled Derby20022007WW133001
Ceramic Uncle Sam Cookie Jar20022003WW133100
Libby Liberty20022002WW133214
Let's Join the Parade!20032006WW133332
America the Beautiful20022005WW133400
Patriotic Pride20022019WW1335LB00
Dog Days of Summer20042006WW133612
Beach Buddies20042007WW133730
Future Sailor20042007WW133800
Wilber The Weiner Dog2007WW134101
Sheep With Cat Pull Toy19961999WW140101
Goat With Chicken Pull Toy19961997WW140200
Cow With Cat Pull Toy19962001WW140331
Cow With Cat Pull Toy Music Box19961998WW1403SFM00
Sheep With Goose Pull Toy19961997WW140400
Horse With Goose Pull Toy19961998WW140502
Flying Pig With Piglet Weathervane19961998WW141110
Cow Weathervane19961999WW141201
Cow Weathervane Music Box19961996WW1412SFM00
Goat Weathervane19961998WW141310
Horse Weathervane19961997WW141400
Sheep Weathervane19961997WW141501
Pig Weathervane19961998WW141611
Pig Weathervane Music Box19961996WW1416SFM00
Cat Weathervane19962000WW141711
Sheep With Four Geese Pull Toy19961997WW142100
Cow With Six Geese Pull Toy19962000WW142210
Pig With Chicken Pull Toy19962001WW142311
Girl Holding Balloon Riding Goose - Pull Toy19982000WW142451
Boy Holding Flag Riding Chicken - Pull Toy19982001WW142501
Girl Holding Sunflower Riding Cow - Pull Toy19982000WW142600
Who Laid The Golden Egg?20002003WW142710
Making Friends20002003WW142913
Pear Wagon With Girl And Cat19971998WW143150
Carrot Wagon With Girl And Bunny19971998WW143200
Watermelon Wagon With Two Kids And Dog19971999WW143323
Corn Wagon With Girl And Pig19971998WW143401
Girl With Sheep on Wagon19992000WW143700
Farm Parade20012003WW150130
Bunny Ride20012003WW150200
Time Well Spent20012004WW150343
Watermelon Candle Holder20012003WW150461
Carrot Candle Holder20012003WW150500
Girl Riding Rabbit With Heart And Carrots - Lamp20012003WW150600
Garden Angel20012003WW150702
Garden Angel Small20012004WW150821
When The Cow Comes Home20022003WW150921
Goating Around20022003WW151023
Quirky Queen Bee20022004WW151102
Ladybug, Ladybug Fly Away20022005WW151220
Girl on Goose w/Basket Finial20022003WW151370
Garden Finial - Bunny20022003WW151411
Garden Finial - Ladybug20022003WW151551
Garden Sculpture - Bee20022003WW151600
Garden Sculpture - Fairy20022003WW151700
Garden Sculpture - Angel20022003WW151800
Girl With Shovel And Cat Plaque19962000WW160110
Boy With Fishing Rod And Dog Plaque19961998WW160200
Farmstead Happiness Plaque19961997WW160300
Harvest Wall Hanging Plaque19961998WW160400
Noah's Ark Pull Toy20032006WW170111
Flag Pole2004WW180100
Cat Garden Flag2003WW180200
Bee Garden Flag2003WW180300
Cow Garden Flag2003WW180400
Ladybug Garden Flag2003WW180500

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