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ItemYear Released Year Retired Part Number Right Now on eBay
Girl Jumping Rope19971997WW200094
Always Flying South19961997WW200110
Risky Road A Head19961998WW200200
Santa Holding Geese19961997WW200300
Santa In Green Coat Holding Candle19961998WW2004G00
Santa In Red Coat Holding Candle19961998WW2004R01
Santa In Blue Coat With Birdhouse On Staff19961998WW2005B00
Santa In Red Coat With Birdhouse On Staff19961998WW2005R10
Along For The Ride19971998WW200621
Wintry Flight19971997WW200800
When Pigs Fly19971998WW200921
Santa Sitting On Goose Skiing19982000WW201000
Flying Santa Holding Bag Of Presents19981999WW201100
Santa With Snowman Staff19982000WW201200
A Country Picnic19971997WW202100
A Country Caro19981998WW203141
A Country School19981999WW204120
A Country Church, Set Of Five19981999WW205110
Winter Friends19981999WW206110
Snowman With Scarf Doing Splits19961998WW220110
Snowwomen With Scarf Doing Splits19971998WW220240
Large Snowman With Oversized Torso19971997WW220300
Girl And Boy On Toboggan With Snowman19972000WW220440
Flying Snowman Teaching Small Snowman To Fly19972001WW220610
Snowman With Broom Holding Cat19971999WW220710
Flying Santa Holding Bag Of Presents 199719972000WW221110
Santa Asleep in Wagon19971999WW221231
Santa with Tree on Wheels19971999WW221310
Santa Standing Holding Christmas Stocking19971999WW221410
Santa Pushing Sled Holding Boy And Rabbit19972001WW221530
Standing Santa In Quilted Coat Holding Three Cats19971999WW221640
Long Winter's Nap19972000WW221730
Santa Pulling Sled & Cat19982000WW221810
Santa with Girl19981999WW221920
Santa Holding Tree And Cat, Shelf Sitter19971999WW222100
Snowman Holding Rabbit, Shelf Sitter19971998WW222200
Girl Holding A Goose, Shelf Sitter19972001WW222380
Christmas Figures Skiing19981999WW222430
Flying Santa Holding Gold Ball19982001WW222520
Santa Candlestick holder19982001WW222660
Angel Candlestick holder19981999WW222710
Snowman Candlestick holder19982001WW222830
Winter Friends With Little Snowmen19992001WW222950
Santa With Carrot Riding Giant Rabbit19992000WW223000
The Millennium Angel19991999WW223110
Santa Pulling Dog On Cart19992000WW223200
Santa Hugging Star19992001WW224240
Flying Snowman on Goose19992000WW224320
Christmas Ornaments, Twelve Styles19972000WW225000
Santa Riding A Cow With Antlers19982000WW226020
Santa riding deer19992000WW227010
Santa On Sled Pulled By Cow And Geese19992001WW227130
Starlight Christmas19992003WW227210
Snowmen In Action19992001WW227410
Starlight Flight19992001WW227501
Snowman Serenade19992000WW228031
Winter Frolic19992002WW228120
Friends Discovered19992001WW228210
Santa Holding Candy Cane With Dog19992000WW228330
Christmas Ornaments19992001WW228410
Northwoods Santa20002001WW228510
Moory Christmas!19992001WW228620
Girl Holding A Cat And Basket19971998WW230140
Boy In Sweater Holding Tree19972001WW230240
Girl Holding Candle And Christmas Stocking19971998WW230340
Boy With Christmas Stocking With Turtle On His Head19972001WW230440
Girl In Blue Coat With Muff19972001WW230520
Boy In Red Coat Holding Sheep19972001WW230630
Miniature Christmas Figures,19972001WW233010
Angel With Halo Playing Mandolin19982001WW234020
Angel With Halo Playing Flute19982001WW234172
Angel With Halo Holding Bell19981999WW234210
Angel With Halo Playing Bongo19981999WW234320
Skating Party19992001WW235150
Northwoods Santa 200020002001WW235200
Master Of Moguls20012003WW235300
Snowman Adventure20012003WW235410
Snow Angel20012003WW235540
Lean On Me20012003WW235610
Winterland Magic20002001WW2357M00
Country Angels20012003WW235831
Snowman Dreams20012001WW235920
Holiday Ornaments Nine Styles20012003WW236100
Christmas Ornaments Nine Styles20012003WW236200
Christmas Incentive20012004WW236610
Best Buds20012004WW236810
Baby's First Christmas20012003WW236910
Hanging Mittens Out To Dry20012003WW237000
Mitten Stocking Holder - Stripes20012004WW237100
Mitten Stocking Holder - Heart20012003WW237210
Mitten Stocking Holder - Star20012003WW237300
Snowman w/Star Hands20012006WW237450
Flying Ornaments20012003WW237500
Snowman Doll20012003WW237600
Sheep Pull Toy20012003WW237701
Santa Doll20012004WW237800
Hobbie Horse20012004WW237910
Away We Go20012005WW238000
Magic Toboggan Ride20012003WW238120
Bear Busting20012004WW238311
Our First Skate20022004WW238400
Rectangular Holiday Ornamments20022004WW238610
Square Holiday Ornaments20022005WW238710
Hold On Tight20022004WW238810
A Little Holiday Decorating20022003WW238910
Dreaming of Christmas20022004WW239000
Snow Triplets20022005WW239131
Precious Treasures20022003WW239230
Deer Eating With Goose On Saddle19971998WW240111
Deer With Antlers And Goose On Back19972000WW240200
Dreams Do Come True20022005WW240310
Extra Special Delivery20022004WW240410
Southern Flight20022006WW240500
Holiday Light20022004WW240600
Holiday Joy20022005WW240700
Holiday Heart20022005WW240800
Three Kings20022006WW240922
Snowfolks - Chester20022005WW241000
Snowfolks - Margaret20022005WW241100
Snowfolks - Junior20022004WW241200
Faster Santa20032005WW241320
Moonlight Adventures20022005WW241410
Christmas Star20022005WW241530
Winter's Wizard20022005WW241610
Winter's Mascot20032005WW241721
Winter's Guardian20032004WW241810
Let's Skate20032005WW241921
Flying Santa/Snowman Ornaments20032004WW242010
Holiday Favorites Ornaments20032005WW242100
Snowman Wall Plaque20032005WW242400
Angel Wall Plaque20032005WW242500
Santa Wall Plaque20032007WW242600
6 Asst. Holiday Ornaments20032005WW242700
Holiday Luminaries20032005WW242800
Holiday Votive Cubes20032004WW242920
Mitten Tea Light Holders20032005WW243000
Holiday Candle Jar Toppers20032004WW243130
Santa Dessert Plates20032005WW243200
Santa Cookie Plate20032004WW243300
Santa Mugs20032006WW243400
Holiday Cocoa Cups and Saucers20032005WW243810
Mittens With Hanger And Star Ornaments19992001WW244000
Stocking Ornaments 199919992002WW244100
Christmas Trees Green with Gold Star19972001WW245000
Santa's Helper20032005WW245100
Starlight Ride20032005WW245220
Perfect Accessories20032005WW245340
Ski Lift20032005WW245410
Baa Brr20032005WW245500
Holiday Caroler, Jed20032006WW245630
Holiday Caroler, Jan20032006WW245721
Holiday Caroler, Jay20032006WW245850
Winter Construction20032005WW245910
Christmas Delivery20032005WW246000
Angel Ornament20032005WW246130
Winter Fun Ornaments20032006WW246210
Star Ornaments20032005WW246300
Goose Ornaments20032005WW246400
Old Saint Nick20032005WW246500
Time for Play20032006WW246600
Cold Weather Pals20042006WW246700
Silent Night20032005WW246800
Christmas Wreath Holder20042006WW246900

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