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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
H-O-M-E Wood Blocks20102011Williraye00
Hagatha's Hair Loom Recipe20092013Williraye00
Halloween Birdhouse20062010Williraye10
Halloween Candle Bag20042006Williraye00
Halloween Candle Jar Toppers20032005Williraye00
Halloween Driver2017Williraye20
Halloween Frame20032003Williraye00
Halloween House Luminary20032004Williraye00
Halloween Magic20022004Williraye10
Halloween Magic Wall Hanging20032005Williraye20
Halloween Messenger20042006Williraye00
Halloween Ornaments20042006Williraye00
Halloween Votive Candleholder2007Williraye00
Halloween Votive Candleholder 200420042006Williraye00
Hand painted Eggs20032006Williraye00
Hand Towel Set2011Williraye00
Hanging Around20092009Williraye00
Hanging Cat Sign2011Williraye00
Hanging Mittens Out To Dry20012003Williraye00
Happy Birthday Woman2011Williraye00
Happy Harvest Turkey2018Williraye10
Happy Holidays wall plaque2006Williraye00
Happy Holidays wall plaque 200420042006Williraye20
Happy Owloween20102012Williraye00
Harvest Angel20052007Williraye10
Harvest Delivered20112014Williraye10
Harvest Magic20042005Williraye00
Harvest Moon Man20092012Williraye00
Harvest Stacker2011Williraye10
Harvest Time2009Williraye00
Harvest Time 200720072010Williraye00
Harvest Time 20132013Williraye00
Harvest Wall Hanging Plaque19961998Williraye00
Harvesting Love20052007Williraye00
Hats off to Winter20082011Williraye00
Haunted Cat Walk2012Williraye10
He Loves Me20012003Williraye00
Heart/Home Wall Plaque2009Williraye00
Heartfelt HolidayWilliraye00
Heavenly Cat Christmas Ornaments2007Williraye00
Helen Hen20042005Williraye10
Hen Doorstop2010Williraye00
Hen In Roostng Box2008Williraye00
Hen On Next Pull Toy0Williraye00
Hen Party Accent Lamp20092011Williraye00
Henrietta Hen20052007Williraye10
Herbs Wall Plaque20042006Williraye00
Here We Go20012003Williraye00
History Repeats Itself20072011Williraye00
Hitchin A Ride20082010Williraye00
Hobbie Horse20012004Williraye10
Hold On Tight20022004Williraye10
Hold on Tight 200120012003Williraye10
Hold on Tight 20152015Williraye00
Holding Tight20082010Williraye00
Holi-Deer Ornaments2013Williraye00
Holiday Candle Jar Toppers20032004Williraye30
Holiday Caroler, Jan20032006Williraye30
Holiday Caroler, Jay20032006Williraye30
Holiday Caroler, Jed20032006Williraye20
Holiday Cheer20052007Williraye00
Holiday Cocoa Cups and Saucers20032005Williraye11
Holiday Cocoa Mug & Saucer2005Williraye00
Holiday Cookie Jar2005Williraye00
Holiday Favorites Ornaments20032005Williraye00
Holiday Goose20042008Williraye00
Holiday Harmony20102011Williraye00
Holiday Haul20052009Williraye00
Holiday Heart20022005Williraye00
Holiday Joy20022005Williraye00
Holiday Kids Figurals20122014Williraye00
Holiday Light20022004Williraye10
Holiday Lodge Santa2009Williraye00
Holiday Luminaries20032005Williraye00
Holiday Magic20092012Williraye10
Holiday Moonlight2014Williraye20
Holiday Ornaments Nine Styles20012003Williraye00
Holiday Sing-Along2016Williraye00
Holiday Trek20062009Williraye00
Holiday Votive Cubes20032004Williraye10
Holy Cats2017Williraye10
Home for the HolidaysWilliraye00
Home Grown20092013Williraye00
Home to Roast2011Williraye00
Homestead Happiness20112014Williraye00
Hop To It20042006Williraye00
Hope Chickadee Word2010Williraye00
Hope Takes Flight19961998Williraye20
Hopes and Dreams2011Williraye20
Horse Weathervane19961997Williraye00
Horse With Goose Pull Toy19961998Williraye00

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