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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Cabbage Serving Dish20042004Williraye00
Cabinet & Hutch19962000Williraye00
Cabinet With Cat In Basket19992000Williraye10
Cackling Cousins20112013Williraye00
Calendar Snowman Countdown2011Williraye00
Call of the Lake20082011Williraye00
Calling all Campers20082012Williraye00
Candle Trio Warm Wishes2009Williraye00
Candlesticks (Set of Three)20012007Williraye00
Candy Christmas20062009Williraye00
Candyland Trail Runners20072009Williraye00
Card Baskets Set Of 22010Williraye00
Card Holder Red2010Williraye00
Cardinal Basket with Lid2010Williraye00
Cardinal Candle Lamp2010Williraye00
Cardinal Peace Waterglobe2011Williraye00
Carrot Backed Chair19992001Williraye10
Carrot Candle Holder20012003Williraye00
Carrot Leg Table19962000Williraye30
Carrot Powered20042006Williraye00
Carrot Wagon With Girl And Bunny19971998Williraye10
Carrot Weight20042006Williraye10
Cat & Girl Birdbath20032005Williraye10
Cat Candle Jar Topper20032005Williraye00
Cat Candy Dish20042006Williraye00
Cat Chair19962000Williraye00
Cat Dressed in Tutu20012001Williraye00
Cat Garden Flag2003Williraye00
Cat In Birdbath2011Williraye00
Cat Lover Word Block2011Williraye00
Cat On Birdhouse Pull Toy2018Williraye10
Cat Ornaments20072007Williraye10
Cat Votive Candle Holder20032004Williraye00
Cat Wall Clock20032004Williraye00
Cat Wall Hook20062007Williraye00
Cat Wall Peg20032004Williraye00
Cat Watcher20102011Williraye00
Cat Weathervane19962000Williraye10
Cat with Birdhouse20102011Williraye00
Cat's Kringle20072009Williraye01
Cat-a-Strophic Fun2015Williraye30
Cats Wall Pegs20032004Williraye10
Celebratin' Summer20092014Williraye00
Ceramic Americana Piggy Bank20022004Williraye00
Ceramic Butter Dish20012003Williraye00
Ceramic Cookie Jar With Children On Pig Emblem20002002Williraye00
Ceramic Girl Riding Bunny, Cookie Jar20012001Williraye00
Ceramic Girl Riding Cat, Cookies Jar20012002Williraye00
Ceramic Herb Pots20012003Williraye00
Ceramic Mixing Bowls20012002Williraye00
Ceramic Mugs With Farm Scene Emblem20002002Williraye00
Ceramic Pitcher With Garden Girl Emblem20002002Williraye00
Ceramic Round Cake Plate20012003Williraye00
Ceramic Salt And Pepper Shakers With Geese Emblem20002002Williraye00
Ceramic Spoon Rest20012003Williraye00
Ceramic Sugar And Creamer With Farm Animals Emblem20002002Williraye00
Ceramic Uncle Sam Cookie Jar20022003Williraye00
Ceramic Utensil Holder20012003Williraye10
Cereal Bowl20042005Williraye00
Ceremic Christmas Platter20012003Williraye00
Checked Chair19961999Williraye00
Cheer Bluebird Birch2010Williraye00
Cheers To YouWilliraye00
Chickadee Basket2010Williraye00
Chickadee Candle Lamp2010Williraye00
Chickadee Hope Waterglobe2010Williraye00
Chicken In Costume2006Williraye00
Chickens and Bunny Ornaments20042006Williraye00
Chicks Cart Candleholder20042003Williraye00
Child Dressed as Ladybug20012003Williraye10
Children On The Move19992001Williraye90
Choo Choo Cheers2014Williraye50
Christmas Angel2007Williraye20
Christmas Angel, Hope20042007Williraye00
Christmas Angel, Joy20042007Williraye00
Christmas Angel, Peace20042007Williraye00
Christmas Block Ornaments20052008Williraye20
Christmas Candlestick Holders19992000Williraye00
Christmas Cargo20062009Williraye00
Christmas Catch20072009Williraye00
Christmas Chorus2012Williraye00
Christmas Comfort20052007Williraye00
Christmas Country Ornaments20072010Williraye00
Christmas Coziness2014Williraye20
Christmas Delivery20032005Williraye00
Christmas Dreams20042007Williraye00
Christmas Figures Skiing19981999Williraye10
Christmas Holiday 9 block set20042007Williraye01
Christmas Incentive20012004Williraye10
Christmas Lake Express20072009Williraye00
Christmas Morning Cats2018Williraye20
Christmas Mugs20012005Williraye00
Christmas Ornaments19992001Williraye10
Christmas Ornaments Nine Styles20012003Williraye00
Christmas Ornaments, Twelve Styles19972000Williraye00
Christmas Parade20042005Williraye20
Christmas Patchwork Santa20072009Williraye00
Christmas Patchwork Snowman2009Williraye00
Christmas Peace19992003Williraye40
Christmas Peace 200820082010Williraye00
Christmas Plates20012003Williraye00
Christmas Play Scene 2Williraye20
Christmas Slumber Party20052007Williraye00
Christmas Slumber Party Small20052008Williraye00
Christmas Snowman2007Williraye00
Christmas Star20022005Williraye11
Christmas Sweater Ornaments2010Williraye00
Christmas Tree20042006Williraye41
Christmas Trees20052008Williraye00
Christmas Trees Green with Gold Star19972001Williraye00
Christmas Wreath Holder20042006Williraye00
Chucky The Chicken19992002Williraye00
Clark The Clown19981999Williraye10
Claus and Paws20072009Williraye00
Cleared For Take Off20102014Williraye00
Clip-on Bird Ornaments2010Williraye00
Clip-On Bird Set2013Williraye00
Cloth Display Basket2012Williraye00
Cock-a-doodle Blue20092012Williraye00
Cold Noses, Blessed Hearts2016Williraye00
Cold Weather Pals20042006Williraye00
Colored Eggs20002003Williraye00
Columbine Fairy2007Williraye00
Come Blow Your Horn19981999Williraye10
Committed and Caring2010Williraye00
Cookie Jar20042006Williraye50
Cookie Tray2010Williraye00
Cool Cats Running2015Williraye00
Cool Sleddin'2014Williraye00
Corn Backed Chair19992001Williraye00
Corn Wagon With Girl And Pig19971998Williraye00
Costume Party20082011Williraye00
Countdwn Calendar2011Williraye00
Country Angels20012003Williraye30
Country Commute Cow20092013Williraye00
Country Danglers19971999Williraye40
Country Fresh20052007Williraye00
Country Pride20012003Williraye00
Country Taxi19972000Williraye20
County Fair or Bust20042006Williraye00
County Tea Party20052008Williraye01
Cousin Boy With Fishing Rod And Fish19971999Williraye20
Cousin Boy With Sailboat19971998Williraye20
Cousin Girl With Basket And Bunny19971999Williraye30
Cousin Girl With Cat In Watering Can19971998Williraye10
Cousin Girl With Goose19971998Williraye20
Covered Votive Holders20032004Williraye00
Cow Garden Flag2003Williraye00
Cow Jumped Over The Moon19992003Williraye30
Cow Ornaments2013Williraye00
Cow Pulling Tree2018Williraye00
Cow Wall Clock20032004Williraye00
Cow Weathervane19961999Williraye10
Cow Weathervane Music Box19961996Williraye00
Cow With Cat Pull Toy19962001Williraye40
Cow With Cat Pull Toy Music Box19961998Williraye00
Cow with Moon Rocker19962000Williraye00
Cow With Six Geese Pull Toy19962000Williraye30
Cowstume Party20112012Williraye00
Crackle Crackle20062007Williraye10
Cream & Sugar20042006Williraye00
Cross Country Cat Ornament2014Williraye00
Cross Country Trekkers2015Williraye00
Crow On Pumpkin Pla2007Williraye00
Crow on Sunflower2008Williraye00
Cuz Christmas Is Just For The Birds20132013Williraye00

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